The Death of Black Goku is Probably Revealed


Black Goku is looking to be one of the most interesting villains in Dragon Ball history, with him killing humans is for quote on quote justice. No other villain in Dragon Ball had that kind of mentality before, but we all know about Black he can take the form of specific beings right now is in the form of Goku and we’re assuming that’s what will befor the rest of the series however with all of that who killed him how will he die because he is a kind who has to die.


Dragon Ball super is taking place throughout the ten-year gap after the death of Kid buu and his stuff with Uub and since there’s no sign of Black Goku’s arrival or even future Trunks in the end of the manga I think it’s safe to say that Black Goku will die in fact he may not even be the main villain of his arc so what this is who should be the reason for the death of Black Goku.


Other than Goku who else could potentially kill Black Goku, obviously there’s
Vegeta but I really don’t think he has any real relation to Black. There’s only two ways that would bring about the death of Black Goku,  Trunks has the biggest relation to
Black and anyone in the series so far. But Trunks on his own is nowhere near powerful enough to take down Black so the best possible outcome a never seen before is Gohan and Trunks  fusion as we have seen Goku and Vegeta fusion to solve all their problems. But let’s just say the most realistic way to end Black Goku is with future Trunks and
kid Trunks regardless of anything at Future Trunks it needs to have some involvement in the death of Black .

Who will be the Person Behind Black Goku's Death
Future Trunks
56 Vote
Future Gotenks
17 Vote
Trunks and Gohan Fusion
39 Vote
391 Vote
30 Vote

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