Dragon Ball Super Gohan : Will Gohan Train Under Whis?


Well, as we all know after the encounter with Golden Frieza Gohan decided to train again. As he realized that he has become so weak that he can’t even protect his family and he also rightfully blames himself for Piccolo’s death.

utltimate Gohan vs BUU
utltimate Gohan vs BUU

So, Gohan decides to start training again in order to be gain back strength. And he requests his first trainer Piccolo to train him. On episode 30 of Dragon Ball Super they finally starter training.

Now, many fans were like how could Piccolo train Gohan isn’t he weaker than him? I would like to mention that Gohan is awfully out of form and isn’t much stroner than Piccolo at the moment either.

Ultimate Gohan
Ultimate Gohan


Besides, Piccolo is going to the universal tournament so for the time being Piccolo probably would even surpass Gohan for a while after the tournament.


However, power isn’t the factor here. A trainer doesn’t necessarily have to be stronger than his student.

It is what he can teach and help the student to achieve is what matters the most. For example, Goku still trains at King Kai’s place from time to time.

So, if you ask me if Whis will train Gohan?

I’ll say that though this isn’t going to happen soon. But, there’s a good possibility that Gohan might in-fact receive training from Whis sometimes in the future maybe after the tournament. But, that depends on many factors. We can only assume.

So, what do you think? What are your assumptions?

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