Goku vs Zamasu – Revealing Black Goku’s Identity Coming up This Week


The last couple of scenes of Dragon Ball Super were very cheerful and focused exceedingly on character improvement. What’s more, highlighted a few scenes the fans constantly needed to see. Like the gathering of Gohan and Future Trunks. However, ” Dragon Ball Super Episode 53′ then again will be extremely enlightening and will uncover some pivotal data with respect to the starting point of Goku Black.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 53 Title Is- “ Reveal Black’s True Identity! Now, Off To The Kaioshin Realm Of Universe 10”

Summary –  After understanding that Black has the same Ki as Zamasu, Universe 10’s disciple kaioshin, the God of decimation Beerus and his chaperon Whis heads to Universe 10 together with Goku. To confirm his ki, Goku challenges Zamasu ( who doubts humankind) to a fight

Goku Vs Zamasu, Episode 53, Dragon Ball Super

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